Tara na, byahe tayo

I haven’t been to everywhere but it’s on my list. I have always wanted to bask under the heat of the sun in one of the world’s pristine beaches. I have always wanted to spend a moonlit night in one of the world’s historical places. I have always wanted to fall from the sky and survive. These things that I want and things that I want to do come in long list. Some are far-fetched; some seems to be a long wait. But as the old saying goes, Dream big, aim high.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of endless beauty and charm. Life is short and the world is wide for us to neglect every chance we get to a new adventure and waste what could have been a beautiful memory. Just as the rest of the world offers a set escapade among free spirit, the Pearl of the Orient Seas never falls short of places that could pass on one’s to-go-list. This page is a collection of my impromptu outings, short noticed spree, and off the cuff fun moments with family and friends. From the loud laughs to the snapshots and everything in between, join me as I uncover the reasons why it’s easy to fall in love with Philippines.

Captivated the beauty of Guintacan Island
A frolic adventure in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte
Carnaza Island
Byaheng Rizal
Negros’ Apo Island, Pulangbato Falls, Hot Spring and Twin Lakes
Molobolo Cold Spring and Durham White Beach Resort